UK Led Global Initiative

Prime Minister announces launch of Commission on Antibiotic Resistance (Read More)

What is Antibiotic Action?

Antibiotic Action is an independent UK-led global initiative wholly funded by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC), which is a UK registered charity.  Antibiotic Action seeks to inform and educate all about the need for discovery, research and development of new treatments for bacterial infections. It contributes to national and international activities and acts as a conduit through which all stakeholders are educated on the importance of new ways to treat bacterial infections. It is led by Professor Laura JV Piddock, Chair in Public Engagement and Professor of Microbiology, University of Birmingham. ………(text continued below podcast)

Antibiotic Action is overseen by an Advisory Group comprising antibiotic experts from academic research, pharmaceutical industry, regulation, clinical practice, international affairs and patients. Antibiotic Action is now a key player on the global stage, working alongside colleagues in Europe, the United States and further afield.  We are working to identify how all sectors can be informed of the pending crisis of no new antibiotics, and identify what opportunities exist for discovery, research, and development – to ensure new antibiotics.  It is vital to the health of all nations that antibiotics remain the mainstay of modern medicine and are available to all who need them.