Laura Rushton

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, Cardiff University, UK

I am a post-doctorial researcher with a passion for bacterial resistance mechanisms. My interest in bacterial resistance to antibiotics started during my undergraduate studies in Microbiology at Cardiff University. After graduating, I spent two years working as an R&D scientist for a local biotech. company, but my fascination with microbiology and love for learning pulled me back into academia where I studied for a PhD, investigating the molecular basis for preservative resistance in Burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria within Prof. Mahenthiralingam’s research group. I am currently working as a KTP Associate for Cardiff University in partnership with Unilever R&D, developing new methodology for preservative efficacy testing. During my time at Cardiff I experienced why attitudes towards antibiotic resistance must change. Our principle investigator discovered a new and exciting antibiotic produced by Burkholderia spp., with activity against super-bugs and Cystic fibrosis pathogens, but struggled to get further research funded.


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