Mr Michael Chorlton


Microbiology Student, Cardiff, UK

The world of bacteriology is vast which really fascinates me because nature is the greatest innovator; producing antimicrobials and new enzymes all of unique design. Being able to harness bacteria can enable us to do so much more such as degrading oil following a spill, or utilizing landfill waste material as a source for generating energy. I would not have believed the broad scope for development of bacterial solutions before studying Microbiology at University.
Having completed my BSc project and my work placement year, I’ve become aware of a pressing and important issue in health care. How we treat bacterial infections and the increasing levels of resistance requires serious attention. Some organisms are almost untreatable with antibiotics and people are unaware of the implications. Routine hospital procedures like joint replacements which we have come to rely on will become more hazardous. As a champion I hope to  promote the fact that there are increasing levels of resistance and that we need to encourage sensible use of antibiotics as well as developing a new generation of antimicrobial treatments.



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