Professor Anthony Coates

Anthony Coates

Professor of Medical Microbiology, St George’s University, London, Uk

Since 1981, my main research interest has been in tuberculosis. I lead research teams, am author of over 100 publications (including peer-reviewed publications and 13 books as editor), am recipient of numerous national and international grants from European Commission, British MRC, charities and industry, and named inventor on many patents. I invented (with DrYanmin Hu) a new way of making novel classes of antibiotics which has been commercialised by a spinout company which I founded, called Helperby Therapeutics. I also founded Antibiotic Discovery UK, which promotes the discovery of antibiotics in British universities and industry. In addition I am the founding Chairman of the Clinical Investigation Development Board at St Georges.

Research interests (keywords):
Tuberculosis, non-multiplying bacteria, dormant bacteria, stationary phase bacteria, latent infection, antibiotics, chaperonins

Research methods:
Bacteriological, molecular biology, immunology

Research teams:
Tuberculosis: knockout of genes to identify specific function

Chaperonins: Study of function of chaperonins

Antibiotics: Development of new ways of making antibiotics, in particular those which reduce the emergence of resistance


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