DRIVE-AB Conference 2016: Stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics

Stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics


2 June 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DRIVE-AB, a project tasked with developing and testing new reward models to stimulate investment in antibiotic research and development, will be holding a conference to bring together policy makers, regulatory and public health experts, and economists to identify and evaluate reward models that are feasible, practical and can be implemented globally. This conference is supported by the EU Presidency of the Netherlands.

This event is expected to stimulate a dialogue among international decision-makers on the implementation of R&D incentive policies which will help to inform DRIVE-AB final recommendations, which will be announced in 2017.

Aim of the Conference
DRIVE-AB will present the preliminary results of its research and seek feedback from stakeholders regarding feasibility and implementation of R&D incentive policies. G7 Health ministers noted: “Given the global nature of drug research, development and commercialization and the global challenge antimicrobial resistance poses, we call for greater interaction and synergies between research initiatives.” To this end, the conference also seeks to determine how on-going European and international initiatives  addressing antimicrobial resistance can complement each other, and to identify opportunities for DRIVE-AB to interact with other initiatives.

For more detailed information about the conference, including the programme, please see the conference website.


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