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The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has welcomed the launch of the Antibiotic Action campaign, in particular its multi-faceted approach in raising awareness about the urgency with which all concerned should address the need to discover new antibiotic agents. ASM, the oldest and largest single life science organisation in the world, has long been concerned about the shrinking industry pipeline of novel antimicrobial drugs and its support of Antibiotic Action mirrors its support of the Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now (GAIN) Act (HR 2182), which seeks to ensure Congress would offer various forms of market protection for drug makers that succeed in developing antibiotics for preventing, treating, detecting or identifying stubborn and dangerous pathogens, such MRSA.

?ASM is pleased to support Antibiotic Action which brings together stakeholders from across the globe to look at how we stimulate industry R&D in antibacterial discovery and development?, reported David Hooper MD, President of ASM ?Infectious diseases are a significant cause of illness and economic loss in the US, UK and worldwide and new diagnostics and therapeutics are urgently needed to stem, control and treat them. It is through initiatives such as this that we can stimulate debate, raise awareness and hopefully make the difference that is needed?.

Represented by Gail Cassell, the ASM offered expert advice and evidence to The Urgent Need Initiative, from which Antibiotic Action was born.

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