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The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has applauded the Antibiotic Action campaign, calling it a bold and imaginative way forward in addressing an issue of global importance. IDSA, a U.S. based medical society representing infectious diseases physicians and scientists, has long recognised the imbalance between the dwindling antibacterial drug pipeline and the significant clinical need for new antibiotics to treat antibacterial-resistant infections today and into the future. In 2004, the Society launched its own ?Bad Bugs, No Drugs? advocacy campaign and followed it up in 2010 with the 10 x 20 initiative – an effort to mobilize key leaders and resources around an immediate short-term goal ? to create an antibacterial research and development (R&D) enterprise powerful enough to produce 10 new systemic antibiotics by the year 2020. IDSA?s long-term goal is the creation of a sustainable R&D infrastructure that will produce novel antibiotics in perpetuity.

?The British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy?s (BSAC) Antibiotic Action initiative mirrors the aims of IDSA?s own advocacy efforts?, reports Mr. Robert Guidos, JD, IDSA?s vice president for public policy and government relations. ?Together we acknowledge the need to bring together political, scientific, industry, economic, policy, medical and philanthropic leaders across the globe to identify innovative incentives that will stimulate new antibacterial R&D. BSAC?s Antibiotics Action website is an incredibly valuable new tool that will generate awareness among the public, media and policymakers, identify patient and family survivors to articulate the devastating effects of antibacterial-resistant infections, and to mobilize political leaders around the world to act.?

Mr. Robert J. Guidos, JD, ( V.P, Public Policy & Government Relations, Infectious Diseases Society of America ( 1300 Wilson Blvd, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22209, USA


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