World Alliance Against Multi-resistant Bacteria

Coordinator of the World Alliance Against Multi-resistant bacteria reports “It is time to react vigorously in order to protect and save antibiotics, and try to break this downward spiral of resistance. For that, a strong cooperation between health care professionals, in both human and animal medicine, and consumers is needed, providing simple but powerful and convincing information to the politicians and the public. Antibiotics must have a special status, with specific rules, and regulations. Diagnostic tests must be developed to help clinicians know when not to treat, and to focus antibacterial therapy only on bacterial infections. Research must be facilitated, in particular to accelerate the development of new compounds. Infection control must be upgraded, in particular to emphasize the use of handrub alcoholic solutions. Finally, vaccination programmes should be accelerated.”

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The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)
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