Sharon – a cystic fibrosis patient’s story


My name is Sharon, I’m 30 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF affects my lungs by producing too much mucus. This means I am very susceptible to infections. Because CF is incurable, my doctors and I are totally reliant on antibiotics to try and minimize both the number and severity of chest infections I have.

Resistance is always a concern for my hospital team and we decide what treatment I should have depending on what drugs I am resistant to, at any one time. As there are only a limited number of useful antibiotics I have quite often been prescribed a treatment that I have been resistant to as there have been no other treatment options available to me and I’m too ill to not try anything at all. This has to change.

Currently I am on three antibiotics daily, as well as needing four intravenous antibiotic treatments a year. I also regularly have two weekly courses of additional oral antibiotics about 6 times a year. I am very dependent on antibiotics and put simply, without them, my lungs would have become overwhelmed by chest infections many years ago and I doubt I would be here now.


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