True Life Stories: From Patients to Doctors

Have you ever thought about how important antibiotics are to modern medicine?

Did you know that antibiotics are essential for things like cancer chemotherapy, transplant surgery, joint replacements, and even some dental treatments? These are just a few examples of how much we rely on antibiotics.


Listen to and read these true life stories that show just how important antibiotics are to real people like you and your families.

Sharon AA patient story thumbnail (557x314) Christine AA patient story thumbnail rose-accident-story-thumbnail alice-cancer-story-thumbnail chris-cf-story-thumbnail

Sharon’s story              Christine’s story            Rose’s story                  Alice’s story                 Chris’s story
Cystic Fibrosis             Cancer                           A silly accident            Cancer                         Cystic Fibrosis

 john-knee-replacement-story-thumbnail emma-summer-camp-story-thumbnail thomas-babys-story-thumbnail tony-maxwell-story-thumbnail

Emma’s story                 John’s story                  Thomas’s story              Cynthia’s story                         
Skinned knee                 Knee Replacement      Infant septicaemia         Penicillin saved my life

Emily’s story                   Derek’s story
Pneumonia                     Peritonitis


Other true life stories published by other global organizations


Lill-Karin AA patient story thumbnail Muhammed AA patient story thumbnail Paolo AA patient story thumbnail

Lill-Karin, Mohammed and Paolo tell their stories

Published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Addie, Carlos, Dee Dee, David and many others share their experiences

Published by the Infectious Diseases Society of America


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