Rose – a story about a silly accident


I am sharing a story that is very dear to me: Just over 2 years ago, I had tripped and fell clearing some weeds at the back of my garden shed.  It was a silly accident but I sustained a fracture to my left ankle and a nasty cut just above my ankle.

I started to feel unwell two days after, and noticed that the cut just wasn’t healing – in fact my leg was getting redder, swelling slightly and was very painful to touch.  I wasn’t sure if the pain was from the fracture or the cut, so I left it another two days before going back to my GP who sent me back to the hospital for some blood tests.  They also took a swab from my wound.

The laboratory results showed I had a staph infection – or MRSA.  All I could think was that I was in big trouble – I’d heard about MRSA and superbugs in the news and none of the stories were good!

I had a surgery to clean out the wound and had a line inserted through which I had antibiotics injected daily for the next six weeks.

Sadly this wasn’t the end of my problems – another infected area appeared next to my wound shortly afterwards and I had to have another six week antibiotics by infusion.

I finally recovered after a further two months but the experience has shaken my confidence Funny but I never really thought infections could have such a significant impact – my family are just glad I am getting back to my old self, well almost.

I still find it difficult to think about my experience – whenever I do – like talking to you now – I can only think ‘what if?’   What if the second lot of antibiotics hadn’t worked or worse still – what if there were no antibiotics. It doesn’t really bear thinking about does it?

Rose, 29

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