What We Do

Antibiotic Action is a global initiative established by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC).

We have serious concerns regarding the future effectiveness of antibiotics that are currently available, as well as the lack of antibiotic agents in the drug pipeline. Antibiotic Action is the forum through which we call all parties – government, health professionals, industry and charities – to identify and implement solutions within the research, regulation and economic markets to stimulate and regenerate interest in the discovery and development of antibiotic agents of the future.

We work across all related areas, both nationally and internationally.  The BSAC itself has many activities related to and aligned with drug discovery, monitoring and use.  Further information can be accessed here:


Resistance Surveillance – led by Professor Alasdair MacGowan

Antimicrobial Stewardship and Quality Improvement – led by Professor Peter Davey

Guidelines and Standards – led by Dr Matthew Dryden

National Methodology for Suscetibility Testing – led by Dr Robin Howe

DRIVE-AB: Driving reinvestment in R&D and responsible antibiotic use – public-private partnership funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative


Antibiotic Action is our call to arms. Multi-drug resistant infections regularly feature prominently in the news via the “superbug” stories and new antibiotic development will be essential to tackle a broad range of therapies such as chemotherapy treatment, transplant surgery, and joint replacement surgeries, all of which would be seriously jeopardised by a fall in the availability of effective antibiotics.

We are fighting to change this. We are determined to make a difference.

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